Grey Goo is a game which mixes two genres that I have very little experience in, clicker and text based story. The game is about the wonders of nano technology. The time to play may vary, but from beginning to end and taking my time I get about 8.5 minutes. I’ll admit there isn’t so much to look at, but it quickly became apparent that graphics which be a huge task for this game.

I would say that the hardest part about making the game was balance. A very small tweak in this game leads to very large outcomes just by its nature, and I know I haven’t tweaked it fully to my liking just yet. Also I’ve tried to space out story in such a way that things are accumulating in the background and that the next story beat is never too far away. I will say that this was both my most and my least ambitious game jam game so far. While it has no audio and graphics like I usually have, the writing and gameplay balance ended up taking a ton of time.

Made with unity, all coded from scratch except for using Text Mesh Pro from the asset store.


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I really like this concept.  Seeing the 'unharvested' counter pop up was quite chilling.