A solo project created for the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam 2018, the theme being "GENRE but you can't MECHANIC". This is an adventure game in the style of Zork done without any text, just Emojis.

↘️ Full screen is recommended. Its a button on the bottom right of the panel.

👉Click on arrows to move between scene. Click on certain emojis to interact with them.

🦉There are a couple of owls around who give hints.

🐉Defeat the Dragon to the north win the game.

(Note: The game is possible, but I have no idea how hard it is as I haven't tested it too much externally. All puzzles and logic make sense to me but we'll see if it makes sense to anyone else)

This is my first Twine game, and also my first extensive use of Emojis, so behavior may differ greatly across platforms. This was created and tested with FireFox on Windows. It should work elsewhere but the visuals will completely change and some Emoji may not be supported or supported differently on other devices. If you see 🏽 skintone or ♀ / ♂️ emojis, They should be combined with the base emoji on their left.

Created in 48 hours. Made in Twine.

Made withTwine
TagsText based


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Hey, what do you do if the screen won't respond? I've tried refreshing and full-screening but nothing

This was really cute little game!

Great game!!  With some encouragement / help from my wife we slew the dragon!  Interesting game.  I imagine if it went too much longer it would have been hard to keep track of everything, but at that rate you'd probably have more time to test it anyway.  The game felt pretty alive because we had to use our instincts to feel our way through.

I'd definitely play a sequel (but tbh only if it's free because I'm poor)

Brilliant, if very difficult/slightly tedious

Can't see the emojis! They appear as squares! D:

Support for emojis will differ between browsers and devices. I've tested it on Windows Firefox and Chrome on a pixel phone.


genius! <3